Developed to take care of anti-MAG neuropathy.

The scientists could show in vitro which the glycopolymer neutralizes the disease-causing antibodies in patient sera and moreover, the fact that anti-MAG antibodies could possibly be effectively removed in immunized mice. Potential for various other autoimmune diseases This new procedure offers significant potential not merely for an antigen-specific treatment of anti-MAG neuropathy also for other antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases.ADDENDUM ON Sept 25: I had been reminded of the somewhat similar issue about LifeLine Testing mailings that was published by American University of Sports Medication member Vik Khanna, on his blog page, about 2 yrs ago.The difference was that Khanna was blasting ACSM for cooperating with LifeLine Screening in sending the direct email screening promotions to ACSM members. ——- – TweetFollow us about Twitter: and on Facebook.. Exercise can make cells healthier, promoting longer life, study finds Whether it’s jogging, walking, cycling, going swimming or rowing, it has been well-known since ancient situations that doing some type of aerobic exercise is vital to good health insurance and well-being. You are able to lose weight, rest better, fight tension and high blood circulation pressure, improve your disposition, plus strengthen muscles and bone fragments.