Community Supported Beef (CSB)

What is Community Supported Beef? Roxley Farms van

It is an adaptation of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), in which the community buys a share of the farmer’s crop in advance. CSA members take the weather- and pest-related risks, along with the farmer, of what and how much is produced.  CSB members do not.

How does Community Supported Beef work?

Participants pre-pay for an annual supply of beef, then order from the stock of beef the farmer has for sale. Unlike the CSA, there is no risk that a crop will not thrive or that there will be a smaller crop than expected. Participants may order what they like. There is the risk that occasionally the particular cut they want has been sold before they place their order. For example, a beef has only one hanger steak, two flank steaks, two rump roasts and four sirloin tip roasts-all very popular items. There are always substitutions available and are discussed with the participant before substitutions are made.

What are the advantages of membership ?

Members get first choice of cuts, before they are offered at market.

Members get special prices on bulk sales of ground beef.

Members get grass-fed beef at the same price as corn finished beef (at market grass-fed is $1/lb. more)

Members get 2007 prices on all cuts of beef. (this year market prices rose by $.25/lb)

How much does a membership cost?

A three-month trial membership is $150
An annual membership can be $300 for a small family or $600 for a large family.  We find that most of our families eat about $50 of beef in a month.  If your family is an “occasionally-only” beef-eating group, we can discuss what your membership cost should be.

When are memberships accepted?

At any time.  When your initial deposit is used up, you can simply replenish your account.  Please do this by mail as dropping it off at market often means it gets deposited not as a CSB-infusion, but as general income, therefore is not captured on your “pre-paid” account spreadsheet.

When and Where do I pick up my CSB delivery

Deliveries are made on Fridays during the winter, once every month to the home of one of our founding members in Purcellville, VA. Pickup is between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM. Summer pickup is at Purcellville Farmers’ Market between 8 AM and Noon.  You are also encouraged to visit the farm and can pick up your order at that time.

Address and directions will be provided to members.