Go to Hillsboro and take Route 9 West—all the way to the turn off (left at large green overhead sign)
to the Charles Town by-pass, US340/Route 9, where 9 merges with 340.

Stay on Route 9 West, (don’t take 340 to Harpers Ferry). Pass the new mall with Home Depot on the right.
Stay on the new super-highway (Route 9) until you come to the Wiltshire and Bardane exit.
Take Wiltshire Rd. South, a left turn, to where it dead-ends into Old Leetown Pike, turn right.
Take the first driveway to the right—big stone columns mark the drive—as does the mailbox.
We’re in the first house, brick, down a long gravel lane.

Our phone is 304-728-7928.


Take the Dulles Toll Road (Route 267) West until it turns into the Greenway going
toward Leesburg.  At the end of the Greenway, take Route 7 West.
After maybe 5 miles, take Route 9 West toward Hillsboro and Charles Town.
When you reach Hillsboro, see the directions above (from Purcellville.)