LandscapeRoxley Farms today is part of a larger parcel of land granted by Lord Fairfax to a local family in 1756; it was in that family until we bought 75 acres in 2001. This beautiful land in Jefferson County, West Virginia, consists of lush meadows for pasturing our beef and for making hay that feeds the beef in winter. There are also many acres of woods that shelter deer, wild turkey, foxes, and other colleagues.Chris and calfOur vision is to continue to farm the land in the most environmentally sound and ecologically sensible way. Therefore, we raise our beef on grassland that is free of herbicides and pesticides. We carefully monitor the health of our beef as we carefully manage their pastures. We follow humane practices to ensure healthy and wholesome beef.

Evie and calfWe are committed to preserving this great land on the local level while promoting policies that help this planet on the global level.  We are planning outreach activities to make the special resources of our farm available to children – both in home schools and public schools – and to senior citizens.

We welcome your visit to the farm to breathe the spirit of sustainable agriculture and to walk in the pastures of wholesome food.

About our logo:  Designed by a local Shepherdstown artist, it represents the three bottle-fed calves from our first year farming.  You can see that the “tres amigos” don’t know they are cows: they started out in our bathtub, then graduated to the basement manger, and now they are dancing!  They have permanent pet status here at Roxley.